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Tomoeya Kiyonobu

Delivering something “truly delicious” nationwide for over 70 years.

Please enjoy the special taste of Seto
preserved by artisans who continue to keep the tradition alive.

We use traditional methods that bring out the ingredients to their fullest
to create delectable treats beloved in Hiroshima for many years.

We offer several products such as “Miyajima-san” - crunchy egg crackers sandwiching a layer of cream with a gentle taste, and
“Grilled Oyster Seafood Shibori-yaki” - dried seafood crackers made with oyster that was grilled to bring out the most of its fragrant flavor.
We are dedicated to delivering these traditional flavors that continue to be loved throughout Japan.

Our Products

Please try these truly delicious treats made with only the best ingredients to create jewels of flavor.

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About Us

Founded in Hiroshima in 1953.
A trusted flavor
polished through tradition.

Made with care, time, and sincerity.
From the very first year of the company's founding to the present day, we continue to preserve the traditional taste loved by many.

Whether you are craving an afternoon snack, gathering with family, or want to serve your guests some tea with snacks, our delicious treats made with passion and dedication will surely soothe your heart.

Explore a variety of flavors that you can only find at Tomoeya Kiyonobu.
The artisans' years of dedication and skill shine through brilliantly with each bite.


Company Profile

Business name:
Tomoeya Kiyonobu Co., Ltd
Company representative:
President Koichi Kiyonobu
18 million yen
March 17, 1953
4-4-16 Funairi Minami, Naka-ku, Hiroshima, 730-0847[MAP
Contact information:
・Free Dial (toll-free):0120-727-827
・TEL: 082-293-3171
・FAX: 082-293-3172
Featured in 47 Okashi's
"Local Sweets & Food Report"

Where to find our products

Please note that product availability/inventory varies depending on the store.

Tomoeya Miyajima main shop | production facility
  • 4-4-16 Funairi Minami, Naka-ku, Hiroshima
  • TEL: 082-293-3171
  • Operating hours: 7:00–17:00
  • Closed: Sundays, national holidays
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  • Hiroshima Airport stores
  • Hiroshima Port store
  • Sanyo Expressway – store at Kudamatsu Service Area (SA) (down)
  • Sanyo Expressway – store at Miyajima (up/down) SA
  • Sanyo Expressway – store at Numata (up) Parking Area (PA)
  • Sanyo Expressway – store at Kodani SA (up/down)
  • Sanyo Expressway –store at Fukuyama (down) SA
  • Chugoku Expressway – store at Kuchi PA (up)
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  • MITSUKOSHI Hiroshima Store
  • all Fukuya stores
  • SOGO Hiroshima Store
Hiroshima City
  • Hiroshima Yume Plaza
  • Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima Seisatsu Saika store
  • Nagasakiya
  • Hiroshima Bus Center store
  • Hiroshima-shi Bunka Koryu Kaikan (Hiroshima City Cultural Exchange Hall)
  • LECT
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  • youme Town Hatsukaichi
  • youme Town Kure
  • youme Town Otake
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  • Miyahama Onsen Ryokan Kanzaki
  • Miyahama Onsen Miyahama Grand Hotel
  • Roadside station Crossroad Mitsugi
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  • Miyajima: sold in every store, ryokan (Japanese inn)/hotel store
  • Miyajima-guchi: Iwamura Confectionery
Kanto Area
  • Hiroshima brand store TAU


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Free Dial (toll-free) call hours:
9:00–17:00 (Mon.–Sat.)